The Best Brazilian Jiujitsu Techniques

Brazilian Jiujitsu is undoubtedly one of the strongest forms of modern martial arts out there, it has dominated MMA for years and is a part of the world famous Gracie family. It is a systematic way of defeating your opponents, its advantage? The ability to succeed while standing up or grappling on the ground, a feat that escapes the majority of martial arts. The majority of fights end up going to the ground and once you get there – most people are clueless about what to do. In this article we will go over the core of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and how to apply its techniques for ultimate domination of your opponents:   Leg Locks   Once you are on the ground you want to be able to take your opponent out, leg locks are a great way to do this. Put your hand down on your opponents leg and force their legs to break. Lock their shin into your armpit with the top of their foot touching the back of your arm. Drop onto the ground with the leg locked inbetween your arms kept inbetween your legs. Next wrap your leg on top of your opponents leg and lock them in by keeping pressure on the arm holding onto the leg. That’s it! Its basically just keeping your opponents leg underneath your armpit and then wrapping your leg over-top to prevent them from being able to break the lock.   Chokes   When your opponent has you down and is choking the life out of you, you may think you are doomed, but not if you know Brazilian Jujitsu. When your opponent has you in a choke bring your arms in-between his and then shoot them outwards past his, wrap your hands around back behind his arms and now you have both of his arms locked. This technique is pretty simple, it involves just getting your arms in-between his during a choke and then spreading your hands outwards past his arms to break his choke. Now you can choke him! Using both hands grab your opponents collar on each side and then push your elbow into his neck to choke him out.   Sweeps   With your opponent on top of you, grab their collar with one hand and their elbow with the other hand. Put one foot on the ground and all of your weight into it. Lift your hips up and slide them in the direction of your weight. At this point your hips will be turned, take the leg closest to the ground and lay it out on the ground. With the other leg jab your knee into your opponents stomach, then straighten your leg out. Now turn your legs into a pair of scissors and pull on the arm you grabbed onto. This will cause your opponent to flip, your legs should be holding onto your opponent like a pair of scissors while you pull him or her over by yanking on their arm.   Escaping From Headlocks   So lets say you are in a battle and you end up getting head locked, how do you escape? A simple solution is to wrap your arm around one of the arms head locking you, then wrap your other arm around and grab onto your wrist. So at this point you have one arm over top of your opponents arm that has you in a head lock and you are grabbing onto that arm with your other arm. Now if you are on the ground push your opponents shoulder and then wrap your legs around his head, you may have seen this in many MMA fights. You will now have your opponents neck locked inbetween your legs and his arm trapped inbetween your arms.   Arm Bars   The arm bar is another great technique to bring your opponent into submission, a classic. Grab your opponents wrist and squeeze the arm inbetween your knees to keep it locked in place. Next hyperextend your opponents elbow by pushing against their body with your legs and pulling on their arm. It is going to hurt like hell.   Guards   So Guards are one of the most important aspects of Brazilian Jiujitsu and one of the classics is the closed guard. This is where you are on your back on the ground and your opponent is on top of you. Wrap your legs around the back of your opponent to prevent them from standing up and getting a stronger position against you. This is known as closed guard.   You can then transition into an open guard to pull techniques on your opponent like locks or chokes, the disadvantage is that you run the risk of your opponent breaking your guard and getting a better position against you. There are other variations as well such as the butterfly guard where you lock your ankles between the legs to sweep your opponent.   Kimura   A famous lock named after its practitioner this lock is legal in some fights and illegal in others, it is a variation on a normal jiujitsu double lock. It was used to defeat the inventor of Brazilian Jujitsu in a famous 1950’s fight. The essence of the technique is to isolate the shoulder and joints through a double wrist grip. The key is pressure on the shoulder which causes the opponent to break.   Essentially you grab the wrist of the opponent on the same side as you, next wrap your other arm over their arm and grab your own wrist. Then pull back and twist your body, your opponent will either tap out or have their shoulder cuff torn.   Okay now that you have discovered some of the exciting techniques possible in Brazilian Jiujitsu you now know what is possible, and how to go about trying it out for yourself. Most techniques are not overly complicated or hard to practice if you have a partner and a spare afternoon. The techniques themselves are very powerful though and will enable you to succeed in the environment most martial artists fail in a street fight or MMA fight, on the ground. Get started today by practicing with a friend, try breaking their holds and putting them into Jiujitsu chokes, just make sure you take it easy until you get proficient in the techniques so someone does not get hurt.

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